How We Help

Network Services That Work

Our goal at DIGI2TECH is to ensure your network services stand up to your business needs and are not negatively affecting your bottom line. Our IT professionals know how to streamline intercompany networking and increase productivity by optimizing connectivity and permissions.

Comprehensive Network Services Solutions

We have worked with some of the largest firms and will use this experience to customize network services to your businessТs needs. Our solutions include:

Routing and switching. Utilizing the latest in Mikrotik technology. Utilize VLANТs to appropriately to properly segregate your network traffic.

Security appliances and firewalls. Security is becoming a central focus for all industries. DIGI2TECH can help customers select the security appliances and firewalls best suited for your needs, budget, and company size.

WAN optimization. There are various techniques for increasing data transfer efficiently across wide area networks (WAN). DIGI2TECH can determine the best technology for your network services.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications. Utilize the best solution to integrate real-time, enterprise, and communication services for your business.

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)


Wireless services. Create secure internal and guest networks. Control multiple facilities wireless networks centrally.

Implementing a New Network or Optimizing and Existing One

DIGI2TECH will work with you to determine whether optimizing your existing network or investing in a new network is best for your organization. Whether your enterprise is large or small, we are prepared and standing by to get to know your goals and challenges, recommend cutting-edge solutions, and improve your employee productivity and profit margins.